Grand Tour FAQ

Q. Is there time for “LUNCH” on the tour?

A. YES. During the 1pm hour, time is given for Lunch. A wide array of different restaurants are available.

Q. What is the difference between the Grand Tour, Basic and Premium package?

A. Premium Package includes the admission tickets for the Statue of Liberty Express Cruise and One World Trade Center Observatory. The Basic Package does not.

Q. If I have the admission tickets for the Statue of Liberty Express Cruise and One World Trade Center Observatory already, should I take Grand Tour (Basic Package)?

A. Yes

Q. Does the Grand Tour (Basic Package) take less time than (Premium Package)?

A. No it’s the same tour. It takes the same amount of time. The difference is the inclusion of the attraction admission tickets.

Q. If I take Grand Tour (Basic Package), what will I spend my time doing while other passengers are at the Statue of Liberty Express Cruise One World Trade Center Observatory?

A. Well you have options. For Example, at the One World Trade Center you have Shopping options such as Century 21 and Brookfield Place . Rather than the Statue of Liberty you can visit the Native American Museum, Wall Street, or Chinatown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you provide Free Hotel Pick-up and Return? 

A. YES, We provide pick-up from JFK area hotels, LaGuardia area hotels, Queens area hotels, Manhattan area hotels (Midtown and Downtown) and Select Long Island Hotels.

Q. If your not staying at a hotel, we directly service, how can you make a reservation?

A. Simply use our online reservation system (“Book Now” in Top Menu). Book your tour and when asked about your pick up location, simply provide the name and address of the hotel. Keep in mind, we pick up at hotels in Queens and Manhattan (midtown and downtown). We do not pick up in Brooklyn or New Jersey. If your still unsure about your pick-up, email us at

Q. What type of vehicle is used for touring? Do you use double decker buses?

A. Depending on the type of tour, we use an array of different vehicles. For our Grand Tour and Private tours, we use 15 passenger Mercedes Sprinter high top vans (mostly used) and 14 passenger vans. For Group tours and Family Reunion tours, we use  35 passenger mini buses and 56 passenger coach buses. We do not use double decker buses.

Q. On what days do the tours operate?

A. The tours operate 7 days a week. They do not run on the holidays of Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Also the tour may cancel on days, in which, the weather is inclement.

Q. Are the tours conducted in different languages?

A. No, all tours are conducted in English.

Q. If I have a flight that afternoon or evening, can I still take the tour?

A. This is a yes and no answer. We have a lot of clients that take the tour and leave early in order to catch a flight. This might be there one opportunity in life to see New York City. Everything depends on flight time, check-in time and what part of the tour will be missed. Thus we evaluate each case individually and there is no one correct answer for the question. Simply know that if you take the tour and have a flight later that day, we will assist you best we can, but ultimately it will be your responsibility to return to the airport in a timely manner.

Q. After the tour is complete, can I stay in Manhattan and not return to the hotel?

A. Absolutely, We encourage our guests to stay in the city and enjoy everything it has to offer.